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Enviros Target Children in ‘War on Humans’

My new ebook, The War on Humans is out. The book explores how a radical anti-humanism has infected environmentalism–threatening its effectiveness and attacking human exceptionalism. My article in today’s First Things explores some of the issues I raise.

But I wanted to place special emphasis on how children are targeted for green misanthrope. From my column:

There should be no disagreement that children should not be taught to hate humanity in the cause of preventing a feared climate catastrophe. But that is precisely the anti-human message too often communicated to the young by global warming warriors.

Take the “No Pressure” advocacy ads in support of the “10-10 Campaign,” an anti-global warming initiative aimed at convincing people to cut their individual carbon footprint by ten percent and convince ten friends to do likewise. In one advocacy commercial, an elementary school teacher asks how many of her students are willing to commit to the cause. All but two raise their hand. She smiles at the two dissenters and pushes a big red button: BLAM! They explode so violently and graphically that their classmates are splatted with blood and sheets of flesh.

In a similar vein, the Website of the Australian Broadcasting Network featured a children’s game called “Professor Schpinkee’s Greenhouse Calculator,” a now erased on-line game that determines the age at which the player—remember, this was aimed at children—should die because they had exhausted their individual share of the world’s resources.

Once again, the visual involves explosions—gorily depicting a cartoon pig blowing up in a bloody mess. That imagery was not only violent but told children they are pigs for consuming resources.

Check out the ad embedded below. (Warning: VERY graphic content.) Can you imagine the screaming if a conservative ad vividly depicted the murder of school children for politically incorrect thinking?



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