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Ephemeral Nations

Speaking of countries that aren’t likely to be around for long, here’s an entertaining (if you like that sort of thing) list (via Reason’s blog) of ‘ephemeral nations.’ It’s a pity that the compiler couldn’t include one of the best such countries (for the perfectly good reason, of course, that it was fictional) – the reborn ‘Burgundy’ from Passport to Pimlico (1949), a movie that’s worth watching both in its own right (it’s very funny) and as a historical document: the ‘Burgundians’ may have finally chosen to rejoin Clement Atlee’s Britain, but the film was, nevertheless, an early – and gentle – sign of discontent with the hairshirt socialism of the Labour government that the UK so foolishly elected in the waning days of World War II.

Best line from the movie (from a policeman who discovers that he is Burgundian):

“Blimey, I’m a foreigner.”

That’s a problem that all Brits may face if the EU ‘constitution’ goes through.


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