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Episode 17: Human Life Matters: Life, Death, Riots, and Healing

A death by a knee to the neck. Riots. Fires. Broken windows. Missed opportunities for prayer and reconciliation. It’s been quite the week. After quite the months. In the latest “virus-free” conversation from National Review Institute, I talk with Louis Brown, executive director of the Christ Medicus Foundation. He’s a lawyer, he’s worked on Capitol Hill, and, most recently at the Department of Health and Human Services. A Michigan native, he lives in Washington, D.C. And among the reasons I wanted to talk to him is he lives in the world like we all do, and is one of the grounded ones. Prayer is important to him, as you’ll hear as he talks about his kind of rally in the wake of all of this — a Rosary Walk for reparation for the sins of racism and violence.

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