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Escaping U.S. “Education”

Fascinating article in the

Gray Lady today about Africans in the U.S. who send their teenage kids back

to Ghana, Nigeria, etc. to be educated. The advantages are tremendous: (1)

the schools are very cheap by dollar standards, (2) the education is

first-rate, (3) the schools are run under strict discipline, with dress

codes, compulsory early-morning jogs, and (I happen to know, though the NYT

doesn’t say so) corporal punishment. Not to mention (4) you get the kids

off your hands for several months a year.

There is actually a great marketing opportunity here for 3rd-world

countries. My wife and I have sometimes threatened our kids that if they

don’t shape up we’ll ship them off to school in China. For a few hundred

bucks a year, plus the plane fares, we could get them into a good private

school in the People’s Republic, with intense academic training and good

discipline. This is, in fact, one of our most potent threats–works

wonderfully well…


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