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ESPN’s Kornheiser: Arizona Bill Could Be Like Nazi’s Yellow-Star Policy for Jews

In his call for the NFL to move the Super Bowl out of Arizona over Senate Bill 1062, ESPN’s Tony Kornheiser speculated that were it to become law, gay people in Arizona would be treated as Jews in Nazi Germany were.

“How are they supposed to be identified? Should they wear a yellow star? My people went through that at one point,” the Pardon the Interruption co-host said on Wednesday, prior to Governor Jan Brewer’s veto of the bill later in the evening.

In Nazi Germany, Jews wore two yellow superimposed triangles resembling the Star of David for identification in public, as well as in concentration camps. Men who were identified by the Nazis as gay wore purple triangles in the camps.

Kornheiser blasted Arizona as “the most recalcitrant, backward-looking state in the country when it comes to social change,” and said it would reflect negatively on the NFL to host the Super Bowl there as it looks to welcome Michael Sam into the league as its first openly gay player. He said the law could create a situation where Sam would be refused a ticket to the Super Bowl.


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