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Essays for Autumn

Fall is here, and with it today the Fall 2021 issue of National Affairs. Among the essays in this issue:

  • Daron Shaw and John Petrocik show that high voter turnout doesn’t favor the Democrats
  • Judge Glock on what our measures of partisan polarization miss
  • Robert Cherry on lessons in policing from this violent year
  • Tom Miller on what has become of Obamacare
  • Mary Ann Glendon and Carter Snead make the case for overturning Roe
  • Avik Roy on bitcoin and federal finances
  • Eli Lehrer on how to govern virtual spaces
  • Ilya Somin on the power of voting with your feet
  • David McCormick and Jared Cohen on federalism and national power
  • Alex Bozmoski and Nate Hochman on conservatives and climate policy
  • Andrew Taylor on the expert in American life
  • F. H. Buckley sketches the next Republican Party
  • Brad Littlejohn on the traditionalist cosmopolitanism of the Scottish Enlightenment

You can find them all here, and subscribe to the magazine here.

Happy autumn!

Yuval Levin is the director of social, cultural, and constitutional studies at the American Enterprise Institute and the editor of National Affairs.


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Fire Public Broadcasting

Fire Public Broadcasting

NPR and PBS routinely present woke opinion as fact, and broadcast views that are anathema to at least half the country. Time to yank their taxpayer dollars.