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Et tu, Medicine?

If any field of education could have held out against leftist politicization, you’d think it would be medicine. Alas, it too is succumbing, as Heartland Institute writer AnneMarie Schieber shows in today’s Martin Center article.

She writes, “To be a successful doctor, it is no longer enough to make an accurate diagnosis and recommend an effective treatment. Today’s medical schools want their students to be well-versed in politics — and not just any politics, but issues embraced by the left. Left-leaning issues are weaving their way into the curriculum and woe to those who speak out, including faculty members.”

Climate change hysteria, gun control, gender identity, social justice, and other aspects of the leftist worldview are worming their way into medical school. Students and faculty members who dare to disagree with that are apt to find themselves in hot water.

And of course, who gets into medical school is no longer just a matter of competence. “Diversity” has come to play a crucial role. The medical College Admission Test has been revised to give “marginalized” students a better chance.

The politicization of medical education will have its inevitable victims, but that won’t matter in the least to the “progressive” zealots who just have to push their beliefs everywhere.

George Leef is the the director of editorial content at the James G. Martin Center for Academic Renewal.


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