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The Eternal Grace of American Politics

Interesting that, after losing the caucus yesterday, Newt Gingrich called Nevada a “very heavily Mormon state” — not “heavily,” mind you, “very heavily.” (What would that make Utah? A very, very, very heavily Mormon state?) I don’t recall his doing a Mormon count after the voting in New Hampshire and Florida. I wonder whether it will become a regular part of his campaign.

Also, will he tell voters across the nation that Romney denied kosher food to Holocaust survivors in their dying days? Or was that just for Florida? Southeast Florida, specifically?

P.S. I predict that, if Romney is the nominee and the race is close in late October, it will be Mormonism 24/7 from the Democrats. That and the Republican’s wealth. Plus the Democrat’s skin color (and the Republican’s). Mormonism, “plutocracy,” and racial politics — your unholy trio for the end of the campaign. And probably before, sorry to say.


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