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A Pox on All ’Em

In response to O Fortuna

I was interested to read Xan’s post on Carlos Curbelo and the Congressional Hispanic Caucus. As a Republican, he has been excluded from the caucus. I think I have been noting these things for most of my career: I remember way back when Gary Franks, the Connecticut Republican, had trouble with the Congressional Black Caucus.

Also, there have always been people who don’t, or won’t, count Cuban Americans as Hispanics. This is an interesting political, semantic, and psychological debate. (Not for nothing have the Cubans been called “the Jews of the Hispanic world.”)

Discussing the Congressional Hispanic Caucus, Congressman Curbelo said this: “Unbelievably, petty partisan interests have led the CHC to formally endorse the segregation of American Hispanics.”

Well, I’ll go him one further: I don’t like these ethnic and racial caucuses at all. I think being in Congress, you ought to be a congressman. The End.


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