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Eu Vote

Bickering over the proposed EU constitution drags on over in Europe and so does the debate over whether it should be put to the vote in the different member states. Some countries have already decided to do this, but in Britain, Tony Blair is holding out, for the entirely reasonable (if utterly reprehensible) reason that this awful document would be rejected. France is also weighing a possible vote.

There’s a disturbing story in today’s Sunday Telegraph that suggests that British diplomats are now trying to persuade the French not to hold a vote. Their concern? That a decision by the French to consult their electors would put further pressure on Blair to schedule a referendum of his own. If that’s true, these diplomats have crossed the line between representing Britain and representing the interests of one British politician. If they did that, they should be fired.

It’s also interesting to see that Gisela Stuart, a prominent Labour member of parliament, is also reported to be intervening with the French. That’s charming. A British politician is trying to put pressure on the French in an effort to reduce the chances of British electors being given the chance to vote on this matter. Her constituents should take note – and vote her out as soon as they can.


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