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The Euro-Vote

Such good news on the Euro-front. I’m particularly happy that the anti-EU UK Indpendence Party did so well (their posters weren’t easy to spot in London, but in Bath they were all over the place — when I was there). Historically, European nationalism has been the enemy of American interests. But today, it seems to me, the opposite is true. I know Churchill and all those guys thought a United States of Europe was a good idea, but that it was in the context of the WWII and the Cold War. Today a European super-state which prevents the British from acting as our traditional allies and yoking the continent to French ambitions and values is simply not in our interests. So, the more nationalism — or, better, patriotism — we see in the UK and elsewhere, the better (exceot in Germany, of course, where patriotism is loyalty to pan-Europeanism.


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