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European Union To Rechristen World War II as the ‘European Civil War’

Today in Terrifying Orwellian Behavior, the Daily Mail reports that,

the European Union (our real ruler) is opening a £44m museum that will be a House of European History. This vanity project in and of itself is an offensive waste of money as governments and peoples tighten belts across Europe. 

But what I found most offensive of all is that World War II is to be described as “the European Civil War”. 

That’s right: a European Civil War that saws millions fight and die in theatres around the world in places as diverse as Tobruk, Pearl Harbour and the Burma Railway. 

What greater calculated insult can there be to those from India, Australia, New Zealand, the United States and across the world who fought and died to defend freedom from Nazi and Japanese tyranny?

This, of course, is all part of the ongoing attempt to force a single European “identity” — and subsequently single federal government — on a continent that isn’t interested.

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