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Eurovision: The Shame Continues

The darkest hour in Britain’s long history – last weekend’s Eurovision humiliation in Riga – has been put down by many (including me) to resentment over the UK’s support for the Iraq war, a worrying geopolitical development given that many of the voters were from the ‘New Europe’. However, I have to admit that, ahem, I had never actually heard the British entry, something that makes this e-mail (from John in Dublin) deeply, deeply disturbing:

“Writing from Dublin, I can tell you that Britain’s zero points were actually justified. Their act was AWFUL! The lead singer was so off key that it was painful to watch. And, the song was terrible too.

In Ireland, and across much of Europe now, the voting is done by phone. That means that it was Ireland’s children, who, for the most part, voted zero points for the UK entry. I sincerely doubt that the children’s lack of votes for the British song had much to do with the war.”

I suspect that John may well have a point.


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