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Canada May Soon Allow Nurses to Kill

We still hear the baloney that euthanasia/assisted suicide will only be a last resort for the terminally ill, carried out by caring doctors with long term relations with patients.

That has never been true anywhere assisted suicide or euthanasia are legal.

And now that the Canadian Supreme Court imposed national euthanasia on that country, an implementation committee recommends allowing nurses to kill. From the report:

Recommendation 8: Provinces and territories should request that the federal government amend the Criminal Code to allow the provision of physician-assisted dying by a regulated health care professional (registered nurse or, if applicable, physician assistant) acting under the direction of a physician, or a nurse practitioner. Provinces and territories should in turn ensure that no regulatory barriers exist that would prevent these health care professionals from providing physician-assisted dying

Nurses always have to do the dirty jobs doctors don’t want to do.

Canada is about to become the most radical culture of death on the planet.


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