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Euthanize Minors Say Alberta, Canada MDs

The Supreme Court of Canada imposed a radical euthanasia right–lethal injection as well as prescribed poison–on the entire country last year, and opined that the medical colleges (associations) should help establish parameters,such as whether MDs opposed to euthanasia should be forced to be complicit. (Yes!)

Now, even before the first sick or disabled adult has been killed, the College of Physicians and Surgeons of Alberta has opined that euthanasia and assisted suicide should be open to minors, no age limit. From the Global News story:

The document states, “legal precedent recognizes mature minors as adults in their ability to consent; the college recommends physicians take a careful and conservative approach to mature minors.”

CPSA Registrar Dr. Trevor Theman said there’s no strict age limit on the requirement for consent, suggesting medical procedures aren’t typically based on age.

“It’s somebody who would not yet be of adult age, who is fully capable of understanding the options and the choices that are available–and the consequences of each–and is understood to have the capacity to make that decision,” he said.

A minor can’t get a tattoo or buy a car, even if they are “mature.” But ask to be lethally injected? No problem, according to Alberta death doctors.

This is the law of Belgium, which has a wild, no-holds-barred euthanasia regimen. That’s now merely the launching pad for even worse in Canada.

I had hoped that Canadian doctors would stand up en masse in defense of Hippocratic medicine and the equality of all their patients by refusing to kill.

Nope. They’ve bowed in full obeisance to the invidiously discriminatory values of the Culture of Death.


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