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Evaluating Sexiness

The other day, I was saying how all the flotilla types regard Israel as an “apartheid state.” They talk about Israel’s “apartheid system,” “apartheid wall,” and so on. And flotilla types aren’t found only in flotillas: They are found on pretty much any American campus, especially as you near those MESA-controlled Middle East Studies departments.

Anyway, a reader of ours wrote, “I happened to fly in to the Seattle airport last night about the same time as our local flotilla hero, who was being greeted by some of the local press and about 20-30 supporters.” The reader sent a photo, which showed one of those supporters holding a sign: “Israeli Apartheid Is Not Sexy.”

No, that’s for sure. But do you know what’s really sexy? Hamas terror — especially when they throw dissenting Palestinians off buildings. That is really sexy, no? Like Melanie Griffith at her steamiest.


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