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seems to think it is too soon. The comments begin:

He has potential, but not tested and many of his initiatives have not born fruits. I prefer Chinese Hu Jia who has done extraordinary things in such a harsh environment.


Mr .Obama has been president for less than a year and already Nobel prize ,the world has not seen anything related to peace from his side or nation ,its definitely not deserved and giving the weight of Nobel less year after year ,,,Al Gore now Obama ,what happened to integrity ????

ahmed salaem, tripoli, Libya

NO, he needs to do achieve something first, not just talk.

Gary Inglis, London, United Kingdom

What has Obama done to deserve this? What’s his achievement? Obama has contributed to world peace simply by his attitude and views, which have spread good will, hope and an opening for people and countries of the world to work together — in sharp contrast to the warmongering Bush with his inflammatory, antagonistic, conflict-stirring attitude, which truly endangered world peace. Obama’s approach is such a relief to the world, the Nobel prize committee felt it should be celebrated.


Just heard he’s been appointed Archbishop of Canterbury…

Seb von Lahnstein, Edinburgh . . .

I fail to see why someone should be awared the Nobel peace prize for simply stating their intentions, yes he talks the talk, but in his short presidency he has yet to achieve any of these stated aims. Not in the least to say its ironic to make this award to a leader of a nation who are still at war in Iraq and Afghanistan, that is not my idea of peace. I’m sure there are many more deserving of this award on the basis of what they have actually achieved, not what they propose to.

Danny Ross, York

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