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Evening Cruise Report

All’s swell. Including the deep blue sea. Swelling, that is. I’ll admit seeing a few deep green faces, but that’s nothing a little dramamine can’t cure! We had another great seminar session this afternoon, with our expertati, led by Jay Nordlinger (unrivalled in many things, including moderating a swarm of experts), regaling us on 2008 and more. The wonkery is over for the day. Tonight, there’s a perfect dinner awaiting all, and then a late-night pool-side smoker featuring H. Upmann’s tasty cigars. Among the many interesting folks in our cabal of 400 is Stacey Tipton, whose company — — produces nifty programs that teach youngun’s espanol via music. Neato torpedo, and more proof of America’s great entreprenurial spirit! Viva Tipton! Well, there’s a pina colada with my name on it up in the Ocean Bar. Gotta go. But not before I tell you that at there’s a drinking game where one must knock back a shot every time The Corner mentions Queen Zixi of Ix (the great L. Frank Baum tale you get free when you buy NR’s wonderful kids books — more about that here) and I’ll be darned if I don’t turn Casey into a drunk by Christmas! Queen Zixi of Ix! Queen Zixi of Ix! Did I happen to mention Queen Zixi of Ix?!


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