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Pretty Much Every Anti-Brexit Facebook Post in Britain

That ubiquitous anti-Brexit Facebook post, in archetypal form:

I am just appalled by what is happening in Britain. I want to live in a country in which people of all viewpoints and backgrounds can live in mutual respect and share their opinions freely. But the morons who voted to leave have ruined that, and I don’t want to hear from them ever again. I don’t want to see them. I don’t want to hear about them. I’m ashamed to be near them. In a multicultural place such as Britain, it’s important that we acknowledge diversity and welcome everybody – whatever their perspective – with kindness and understanding and open arms.

I am so angry at the idea of living in a country with a points-based immigration system that have I looked into moving into a more enlightened and less racist nation, such as Canada or Australia.

Politics is a complicated field, and simple answers are usually wrong. Why can’t the racists understand that?