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Everything Supports Terrorism

Numerous readers — as expected — don’t like my defense of the drugs-help-terrorists ads. Several have noted that buying oil helps terrorists because it sends money to the Saudis and the Saudis give that money terrorists. Others say buying anything could support terrorism because money doesn’t support terrorists, people with money suppport terrorists.

I concede the point.

However, terrorists will seek out sources of revenue which are more likely to be invisible to law enforcement. For example, if you buy bootleg cigarettes you are more likely to be supporting terrorists than if you buy regular cigarettes.

Also, by definition, if you buy something illegal you are helping criminals, some of whom might be tied to terrorism in some way. Buying stolen property aids criminals, buying illegal weapons aids criminals and buying illegal drugs aids criminals. You could say if drugs weren’t illegal you wouldn’t be giving money to outlaws. But I already conceded that point.


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