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Everything You Wanted to Know About ‘Unmasking’ But Were Afraid To Ask

This week’s edition of The Liberty Files — my new podcast — is out, and I’m pleased to host my friend and colleague Andrew McCarthy. There’s no better person to break down the surveillance aspects of the Trump/Russia controversy. In the pod, we answer the following questions:

What is the “deep state?” Is that even a fair term to use?

What is “unmasking?”

Was there anything unusual about Susan Rice’s alleged unmasking requests? Why would they be of any concern?

What was the Obama administration’s surveillance record? Had it abused its powers?

What are the implications for civil liberties? Does the controversy raise national security risks?

It’s a fascinating conversation because Andy knows this topic better than anyone. If you listen, I guarantee you’ll learn. I know I did. 

Listen to the podcast here


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