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Exclusive Bar Area?

I had no idea…not sure anyone else did either. I’m near to certain there was nothing exclusive about it. Anyway, it seemed to be a pretty happening place with a great crowd (I’m not sure I ever made it out of there after our brief remarks) — but that can be said of the whole Charlie Palmer, packed with over 500 last night. We won’t keep talking about this, but thanks again to all, it was a spectacular way to celebrate 10 years of NRO. Thanks to Gov. Romney, Charles Krauthammer, Bill Bennett, Laura Ingraham, Lucianne, Jim Angle, Scooter Libby, Tony Blankley, Ralph Reed, Mark Salter, Mary Matalin, Cesar Conda, (watch me spread the 08 love around now), Rep. Marsha Blackburn, White Housers, Hill Guys, and so very many more who joined us.


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