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Exclusive: RNC Blasts Louisiana Dems for Endorsing Felon Congressional Candidate

Three days ago here at the Corner, I reported the mind-boggling news that the Louisiana Democratic party has now officially endorsed felonious former governor Edwin Edwards for Congress, despite his 40-year record of unethical activity (not to mention crudeness, coarseness, womanizing, and more). I opined that Edwards should be made to be the national face of the Democratic party, considering the way embarrassing candidates such as Todd Akin were hung around Republicans’ necks in past years.

Well, now comes RNC chairman Reince Priebus not only to blast the Edwards endorsement, but to tie it into other Louisiana-Democratic corruption and even to hang it around the neck of Louisiana’s Democratic U.S. senator Mary Landrieu, who is experiencing some embarrassment over her office improperly charging some campaign trips to taxpayers instead of to her campaign account. (To be fair, just about nobody thinks of Landrieu as habitually corrupt, in the mode of Edwin Edwards. But the overall shot at the Louisiana Democratic party seems well-aimed, as even longtime Louisiana Democratic operative Bob Mann has quit the party in protest. See here.)

This is, as of now, an exclusive . . . and no, I did not call the RNC for comment, trying to gin up a story. They called me. Anyway, here:

Mary Landrieu’s ongoing scandal over potential illegal use of taxpayer dollars for private air travel and the Louisiana Democrat Party’s endorsement of convicted felon Edwin Edwards is a new low for a party that only holds one statewide office.  The pervasive culture of corruption that has taken hold among Louisiana Democrats is alarming. Three days ago, the former Democrat Mayor of New Orleans began his 10-year prison sentence for public corruption and a former Democrat Congressman is still sitting in prison for taking bribes. I am confident voters will reject this culture of corruption along with the candidacies of Mary Landrieu and Edwin Edwards this November.

The incarcerated mayor is, of course, Ray Nagin. The incarcerated congressman is “Dollar Bill” Jefferson, otherwise known as “Cold Cash” Jefferson, who hid an ill-gotten $90,000 in his freezer.

The Louisiana Democratic party appears both weak and rotten. Unless the national Democratic party disowns it, the national party should be assumed to share its ethical deficiencies.

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