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Excuse Me For a Minute, as I Try to Buck Up The Troops

Ramesh you’re totally bumming me out. Folks e-mailing me from battleground states remained psyched. Here’s one:


Today I did a precinct walk in Orlando. We were asked to distribute literature encouraging Republican voters to attend early voting. Nowhere on the brochure did the President’s name appear. Same deal when I worked the phone banks– just telling people to get their butts to early voting. I took this strategery as an indication that the campaign is confident of Bush’s performance here and is now concentrating on his coattails. (Bonus warm fuzzy: Quite a busy volunteer office. While I was there, several “walk-ins” filtered in asking if they could help in any way.)

Me Despite all the postive vibes I’m getting, I’m still recommending people in Battleground states give out Bush literature and buttons on Halloween–and remember, you too, can walk into your local Bush-Cheney office and do the phone-bank thing this weekend.