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Exit Sidney Powell, the Robert Welch of the Trump Legal Team

Trump’s legal team has ditched Sidney Powell, who has played a starring role in Trump’s post-election effort by broadcasting lunatic conspiracy theories. Apparently the fact that Powell has shared none of her alleged evidence with anyone in Trump’s orbit finally made Trump’s attorneys doubt the promised emergence of a Kraken, even though they brought her to spout her poisonous absurdities at the RNC press conference last week.

Powell has been interviewed by a bunch of high-profile right-wing media figures over the last two weeks, all of whom credited her. Do any of them mind that she evidently misled them? If so, it’d be good to hear it.

Someone who didn’t fail his audience was Tucker Carlson, who told his viewers exactly what they needed to hear and caught a lot of flak for it from hard-core Trumpists — that Powell wasn’t able or willing to provide any evidence for her ever-more outlandish charges.

It’s good that Powell’s cashiering will presumably take some wind out of her sails, but it’s a disgrace that she ever got within a hundred miles of a president’s legal team, let alone that she was given such a platform to spout her disgraceful nonsense.


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