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Expanding The Death Penalty

Going by the old adage of “if you’re not on offense you’re on defense” I’d like to return to the question of expanding the death penalty. A couple in Pennsylvania plus a third man were arrested for producing and/or distributing porn with minors (and abusing them and getting them drunk), including photographing a child less than two years old. (I found it via Drudge). Now, let’s assume this is all as bad as it sounds. Let’s assume it’s even worse than it sounds. I know that pedophiles are gaining new found “legitimacy” in some corners because they’re being redefined as mentally ill rather than, well, evil — or because they produced Grammy-winning records.

But, really, what’s the downside of having a death penalty for the very worst cases of child pornography? In the age of the internet and digital technology, the existing penalties don’t work. Moreover, making a buck from other peoples’ depravities at the expense of kids seems worthy of punishment by death. But hey, that’s me.


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