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Eyeing 2016, Biden Slams Clinton’s Economic Record

Although the Democratic presidential field for 2016 seems increasingly dominated by Hillary Clinton, that isn’t stopping one perennial dark-horse candidate from needling the Clinton clan’s record. 

At an American Federation of Teachers event in Washington D.C., on Thursday, Vice President Joe Biden subtly undercut Hillary’s oft-repeated claim that the Clinton economy sustained a vibrant middle class. 

“The fact is, the middle class started declining in the late 1980s,” he said. “All through the ’90s, with the exception of two years, the middle class was declining — except for the last two years.”

The latest polling averages give Clinton a massive lead over Biden, with the vice president polling over 50 points behind the former senator and first lady in a potential 2016 match-up. But Biden remains a stable second choice, consistently polling higher than Massachusetts senator Elizabeth Warren, who continuously insists she is not running.

via the Washington Free Beacon


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