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‘The Facts’

In this new web video, the Romney campaign criticizes Rick Perry’s jobs record, saying that the jobs created have been in government or gone to illegal immigrants, and that the Texas unemployment rate has risen. The video also compares Perry to President Obama: “Incumbent Politician, Bad Jobs Record, Won’t Face The Facts, Sound Familiar?”


UPDATE: Asked for comment, the Perry campaign sent along a memo they had issued last week. “Since Rick Perry has been governor, Texas, by comparison [to Romney’s record of 1.4 percent job growth], has added 4.29 million people and 1.077 million jobs, an 11.3 percent job growth rate.  During Perry’s tenure, state job growth flourished despite two national recessions. At the same time, the U.S. as a whole experienced 1.1 percent job loss. Since Rick Perry has been governor, Texas’ rate of job growth outperformed the nation’s rate of job growth by 12.4 percent,” the campaign wrote. 

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