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Fahrenheit and The Passion

About the best we can expect from those liberals who have the decency to be appalled by Michael Moore’s movie is to say that he’s as bad as Limbaugh. That’s what Richard Corliss writes in Time’s cover story. The other comparison that’s making the rounds: This is the Left’s version of The Passion. They’re both movies, they’re both popular with one side of our political divide and unpopular with the other. But how much more can really be said? Another article in Time attempts to draw out the comparison–the author isn’t named (might be a web error?), but the URL suggests it may be Andrew Sullivan: “Gibson and Moore–two sides of the same coin? Absolutely.” “Quibble with Moore, and he will accuse you of siding with the devil.” The devil? “Both Moore and Gibson use ominous, swelling music.” Cameras, too…


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