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From a reader:

Sub: “Why Jonah Should Never Run for Office”

From a future edition of New York Times

New York July 20 — “I despise youth,” wrote political candidate Jonah Goldberg yesterday. In a screed demonizing efforts to encourage young people to vote, Goldberg also said that youthful voters want anyone over 35 to be, “… twirled around the ceiling of a big stadium and then blown-up to the cheers of younger conservatives.”


President Bush has his words misused like this every day.

Dale Switzer (use my name or not, at will)

Jonah Goldberg — Jonah Goldberg holds the Asness Chair in Applied Liberty at the American Enterprise Institute and is a senior editor of National Review. His new book, The Suicide of The West, is on sale now. @jonahnro

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