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Fairfax County Fixes Virtual Learning

Last month I noted a problem in the Fairfax County, Va., schools — where my oldest son went to kindergarten this year, until officials canceled their reopening plans and we pulled him out. The problem was that failing grades were way up under virtual learning.

Now I’m pleased to report that a solution is in the works and should resolve the issue in the New Year. A WTOP story has the details (hat tip to Do Better FCPS):

[Sloan Presidio, the school system’s chief academic officer] told school board members [December 10] that grading policies have been modified. The change is expected to kick in after the winter break.

Among the changes: A 50 out of 100 will become the lowest score a student can get on an assignment, turning in work for major assignments late will only come with minimum penalties and no single assignment can be worth more than 20% of a student’s final grade.

The school system will also reduce the minimum number of assignments per quarter from nine to six.

In addition, Presidio said the school system will look at being more flexible with final exams and may consider changing how final marks are done and whether pass, no pass or incomplete grades should be used.

Sounds like they’ve got it under control.


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