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Fairfield, Ohio

Report from the front:


You were feeling down on Friday about Ohio, and I sent you an email

about our plans here in Fairfield County. Sorry it was so lengthy.

I don’t know if you had a chance to read it, but it appeared on the

Corner that several other people had shared similar things with you.

I was feeling pretty confident on Friday, and I am feeling even more

so (and much, much more exhausted) today. Here’s some stats from

my little corner of Ohio:

Fairfield Co. Population – 125,000

2000 – 61% Bush / 2004 Goal – 68% to 70% Bush

Friday Volunteer Calls – 4,500+

Saturday Volunteer Calls – 6,500+

Saturday Doors Knocked – 3,600+

Sunday Phone Calls – 10,300+

Sunday Doors Knocked – 2,500+

I’d love to tell you how many volunteers we had, but it’s difficult

to determine. Many people had signed up for 3 hours on the phones and

ended up staying for 9 hours or more or called for 3 and then decided

to go door to door for a few hours.

On a couple occasions we had one person at a house on the

phone while the another was talking to one of our door to

door volunteers. Additionally, the ORP and RNC have

deluged the county with automated calls as well.

We tried to do a little op-research as well. The Dems were making

calls. They were calling people and if they got someone voting for

Bush, they would tell them that the R’s would be challenging their

vote so they shouldn’t even go to the polls. ACT was also calling

in our county to elderly Republicans telling them that their polling

location had been changed (we have had ZERO polling location changes).

On the ground, they were pathetic. They did no door-to-door that

we can determine. The one instance was some paid ACT people waving

signs at an intersection in the county’s second largest city.

I’m back at work today, but I’ll be back at HQ tonight. We’re

running 12 hours of phones today and 8 hours of doors. I’d

expect that our numbers will be pretty similar to Saturday. Tuesday

is a whole new ball game. Our flushing operation is really

remarkable. If you’d like to know about it, just let me know.

Thanks for all the work at NRO.

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