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Faithful Pledge

After writing today’s entirely mediocre column in response to the Romney speech, I am officially sick of the word Mormon. I need a break. Therefore I hereby promise and affirm that, barring an invasion of Mormons or some similar news making calamity, I shall not use the word “Mormon” — or any euphemisms for same (say, LDSer or Osmondite) — for at least 72 hours, no ifs ands or buts. That goes for posting emails about those people, if you know what I mean.

Update: Aw shucks, from a reader:

Hey Jonah, that was no mediocre column. You gave us an engaging 

argument that smoothes religious differences by pointing to the folly 

of all, reminds us of the primacy of deed over word (“By their fruits 

you shall know them”) and celebrates the fact that our nation’s 

greatness rests on the humility of religious pluralism. On top of 

that, it was funny. You may have been aiming for something else, but 

what you hit was pretty terrific.


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