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Fake and Inaccurate

The general in command at Gitmo says there is no “credible evidence” that the Koran was flushed down a toilet.

Out of 13 accusations of Koran desecration, the military found five in which the Koran might have been said to have been “mishandled.” In other words, there were at least 8 accusations that were, plain and simple, lies.

Don’t worry, though. You know people are just going to say the general is lying — because, you know, that’s what our military does. Or that what matters are the accusations themselves, not the truth of the accusations. As the New York Times puts it in a shocking act of dishonest summarizing in the midst of its own story, “the disclosures…reinforce the contentions of human rights advocates and lawyers for detainees that accusations of purposeful mishandling of the Koran were common.”

Yes, the accusations of Al Sharpton about the rapists of Tawana Brawley were common also — but there were no rapists. It was all a pack of lies. But according to the logic of the Times, Sharpton and Company should be excused from responsibility for those lies because they made so many accusations.

And by the way, since when do 13 alleged incidents over the course of more than 1000 days constitute a “common” occurrence?


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