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Fake Jesus Cont’d

Readers are really jumping on my neck about this. Sorry, but I think lots of folks are over-reading me. When I said that original reader had a point, I didn’t say that he was right about everything. When I limited my comments to the Hollywoodification of the debate, I did so for reason: that’s what I wanted to comment on. Lots of folks are now saying that was never the issue. But, I’ll tell ya, my phone rang several times with TV and radio producers asking me to talk about Hollywood political activism in the wake of the Fox ads. I declined (as I do with most TV requests these days). Using Michael J. Fox was manipulative, I agree. But using a guy closely associated with religion — he played Jesus in a landmark film — who then speaks in Aramaic is manipulative too. It may not be a perfect apples-to-apples comparison. But I think there’s a point to be made there. And I made it. 


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