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Fake or Real?

In Rich’s excellent column on fake versus real Christmas trees — what did you think I was talking about? — he has this disturbing statistic:

 A silent majority has nonetheless been moving to artificial trees. Fakes have risen from about 50-percent of all trees to as much as 70 percent now.

Color me dubious Lowry! Does this include commercial buyers? I can see shopping malls, hospitals, libraries, schools etc buying fake trees for all the obvious reasons and hence skewing the numbers. But are you saying that 70% of homes utilize these plastic atrocities? I doubt that!

However, one other thought:  I’ve been in Mexico a couple times around Christmas and seen a lot of plastic Christmas trees — that makes sense when you think about it. I wonder if there’s a Derbian point to be made about the changing tastes of the American public when it comes to Christmas trees. Though I have no idea whether Hispanics are more likely to opt for plastic trees, it’s just a guess.


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