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We’re Going to Knock Down a Wall, and the Germans Are Going to Pay for It

As mentioned here sporadically, National Review will move its offices this Fall, so the commenced weeding-out process has uncovered hidden boxes. One, from what was Bill Buckley’s private stash, contains 20 copies of his acclaimed 2004 book, The Fall of the Berlin Wall. I haven’t read it in over a decade, but my strong recollection is that I thought Bill had done a masterful job: This book is really an excellent work of history, explaining not only why the infamous Wall fell, but why it was built, and what its consequences were.

So, the book was written by Bill. The actual books (softcover, but in perfect shape) – they were Bill’s. Good conservative karma! And now they can be yours for just $10 each, which includes shipping and handling. If you’d like a copy, then chop chop! – order directly now from the National Review Store. Dilly dally and you’re going to find the sad notice: sold out.


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