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Recalibrating the Recalibration


If only it could be done in Calabria, Holy Stupid Almost-Alliterations Batman! Alas, thinking stupid thoughts happens when you’re in the middle seat of a plane, scrunch-typing so as not to elbow your seatmate’s TV channel. Nevertheless, I think I can pull this off.

Pull off the typing, yes. And also, another recalibration. Which I predicted we would likely need to do. No sooner did I reset this Fall 2018 Webathon’s goal to $250,000 just a few days back than various spigots opened. As this message gets transmitted through the ether, we are approaching that amount quite rapidly, and will likely hit it by the time midnight comes to Hawaii.

So with seven days still to go in the webathon (we cease the tin-cupping on Election Day), and with a fiscal need that dwarfs our quarter-of-a-million ask, what’s an NR guy to do? Up the goal to $300,000, that’s what.

And if you want a solid reason why NR is worth your support, please consider Kevin Williamson’s excellent plea, made fresh today. It ends this way:

National Review has always been a collaborative effort: I first encountered the magazine because a reader took it upon himself to make sure that my library had a subscription to it. It is easier to find now, because National Review is more than a print magazine: It’s a website, and podcasts, and much more. But it always has been more than a magazine — Bill Buckley did not begin this undertaking because he had an insatiable desire to pay printers’ bills and sell advertisements. He had an idea for a place in which the arguments that have to be made could be made, and he knew that he would require your help in that. We don’t have a billionaire sugar daddy behind us or a corporate overlord underwriting the operation, and we’ve never needed or wanted one. What we have is you, our friends and allies, and I thank you sincerely for your continuing support, which you can give by clicking here.

Right on. Now, let us share a few of the recent donations, which have come adorned with comments that would the aforementioned Mr. Buckley quite happy.

  • Jeff the tease teased $500 out of his bank account for us, and explained why it took so long: Sorry it took so long to donate, but I was just patiently waiting for Mr. Williamson to ask. All of your writers are engaging, of course, but I get a little extra excited when I visit NR and find a new KDW piece waiting for me.” Ah yes, the old thrill-up-the-leg moment, gotcha. We’re happy to provide. Thanks very much.
  • Jim also doled out a walloping 500 smackers. “Having Kevin W back is worth the $500 all by itself. . . .” Well, you’re in plenty of company on that J-Man. Thanks terribly.
  • Eileen is one of the souls of many bucks ($1,000) and few words. Which are: “Keep fighting the good fight!” Keeping! And thanks for keeping us keeping.
  • Ditto for Clif, who sends a hefty $250: “Thank you, WFB Jr.” Not a day goes by that we don’t.
  • Land drops a Grand on us, and this: “So thankful on a daily basis for David French, Jonah Goldberg, Alexandra DeSanctis, Jim Geraghty, and the rest of the National Review.” Amazing my friend, so generous. We are getting the vapors from all this kindness.
  • There’s many more, but let’s give the last one to “Jonah’s Airpower Guy,” who sends NR $500 and with it this testimonial: “I’ll hit mandatory retirement age in a few months (thank you, FAA) so this is probably the last time I’ll be able to contribute at this level but it’s well worth it. For Jonah: Thanks for the laughs; For Charlie: Welcome to America, and thanks for the tireless Second Amendment defense; For Kevin: Thanks for the daily dose of smug.” JAG, this means so much to us.

Now, if Jonah’s “Medieval Bathing Methods Guy,” “Vacuum Cleaner Guy,” “Salad Dressing Guy,” and of course his “How to Buy Pants Guy,” and all his other Guys followed Airpower Guy’s lead, we’d have our deficit settled by the close of business today! Regardless, we’re off to $300,000, which I hope and expect is not the second star to the right and straight on ’til morning — that’s a very fictional place. Nope: NR is a very real place, which fights very real fights, waged for our beliefs and on your behalf, as this is a truly shared cause.

Help us get there, if you haven’t yet chipped in. You can do that here. And you can of course mail a check (made payable to “National Review”) to National Review, ATTN: Fall 2018 Webathon, 19 West 44th Street, Suite 1701, New York, NY 10036. To those who have given and to those who are about to do such, you have our deep gratitude.

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