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Thanks to You, We Are Recalibrating


Our  Fall 2018 Webathon ends on Election Day. When we plan these drives we engage in guesswork. Our needs are daunting, but our thoughts – about soliciting – are always a mix of humble and prudent. So we lowball our goal, even though it is nowhere near our true needs.

So what was this webathon’s $200,000 goal (I thought at first: good luck reaching that!) then became $225,000 (a bridge too far?) when the response to our appeal seemed so broad and positive. And now as we are on the verge of achieving that amount (courtesy of the 2,300-or-so kind souls who have clicked on the CONTRIBUTE button), with about 10 days to go before we gavel this to a close, we recalibrate: Our goal is now $250,000.

Again: We do that because NR’s actual need is so much greater. So if later this week finds NR upping that figure again, well, it will have been done in good conscience.

Speaking of conscience: That of many has kicked in these last days. Hundreds have responded to our appeals (please check out Robert VerBruggen’s), and attached sentiments to their largesse. As is our custom, we share some:

  • John the Generous finds 50 bucks and transmits them to us through the ether, with this comment in accompaniment: “Thanks for the excellent articles. NR is an great resource in these turbulent times.” True John. But the only way we can be is because of such kindness. Thank you.
  • Emma uploads $20 on us and also sends priceless commending: “Y’all have a gift, rare in these angry days, for plain joy. You write articles about all kinds of evil and foolishness and malice, but always with good humor, good cheer, and good sense. If I’m down about the slow death of free speech or the resurgence of ideologies we thought we’d beaten last century, I can always count on music and language notes from Impromptus or the lowdown on Marvel’s latest installment from Kyle Smith to remind me that politics is by far the least interesting thing on which to spend my heartache. Keep fighting, happy warriors!” Emma I am air-kissing you!! It’s what happy warriors do.
  • Brent sends $200, and gets all modest on us: “A small contribution to keeping Kevin, Charlie, Jonah, Jay (both of them), Andy, Reihan, Jim, Rich and the gang standing athwart.” Small my eye amigo. We’re standing, thanks to you.
  • Tonya tenders us a Ben Franklin and then shares a glimpse into her conservative domicile: “Here’s a $100 for Pippa and Zoe’s dad and his magazine. My husband and I have enjoyed NR for years, and now we have to fight our teen daughter for first dibs when the magazine arrives in the mail. Thanks for the great work!” Thank you T, and we’ll let Jonah know. And kudos on the child-rearing.
  • We’ll end noting the contribution from Glen, who sends us $100, and offers a metaphysical thought: “One type of conservative donates to National Review to support great ideas, great writing, and support the Constitution. Another type of conservative donates for the same reason he votes for his neighbor to be president of the school board: it’s an important job best done by someone other than me. Keep up the great work.” We keep because you keep G Man. Thanks.

We’re never surprised by the selfless generosity of our fellow conservative warriors, who we love and adore, as did Bill Buckley. It’s all pretty simple: No you, no us. Bill believed that, and so do we, and for a good reason: It’s true. Still we resist presuming a single gift will come, we resist assuming that everyone or anyone will aim high just because we say so. All that said, our hope is that by November 6th will have surpassed this new goal. We will with your support.

Please donate here. And yes we do take checks, too! Made payable to “National Review” and mailed to: National Review, ATTN: 2018 Fall Webathon, 19 West 44th Street, Suite 1701, New York, NY 10036.

God bless and many thanks.

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