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Falling On The Campaign Trail

Many e-mails about Bob Moran’s piece and Kerry falling. Many mention the Bush Segway incident. I will give the benefit of the doubt–I’m assuming there’s no actual photo of the Kerry fall, or someone would have published it. Right?

Another reader mentions this, which is tangentally related, and, well, it’s Saturday night:

Do you remember while campaigning Bush had a incident with a dump truck

while jogging and a member of his security detail was hurt? The

archived story is here,


”Governor Bush is in good condition and good spirits and hopes that

Agent Hughey has not sustained any serious injuries,” she said.

A witness, Ernest Bedford, 50, a pipeline inspector for the city who

was working nearby, said he didn’t hear any brakes squeal, just ”a

big, loud bang.”

Bedford said he saw Bush in the clear but ”the other guy was reaching

his hand up out of the debris.”

Bush used Hughey’s cellular telephone to call DPS officials at the

Governor’s Mansion, and they called 911, Ms. Edwards said. ”The

governor stayed with Roscoe until he was in the ambulance,” she said.

I realize the conditions are not exactly the same, but Bush’s immediate

reaction was to tend to his security detail remaining by his side till

EMT’s took him to the hospital. Additionally, I could find no reporting

of Bush berating the dump truck driver for almost accidently mowing

right into him had he not jumped out of the way or boasting later that

he doesn’t fall while jogging . Kerry’s reaction to his silly spill was

to ensure there were no photo’s taken by the accompanying photographer,

then to blame the SS agent. Bush’s incident was certainly a window into

his character and I suspect the Kerry’s is too. Why elect Kerry

president when already thinks and acts like he is a king.


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