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False Labels

What’s really behind the No Labels gambit? Paul Mirengoff has a great short take on this question. Ron Radosh, who is very riled up by E. J. Dionne’s recent No Labels column, makes a similar point, calling Dionne “a leftist masquerading as a moderate centrist.” In Radosh’s view, moreover, plenty of so-called “progressives” are really just “social democrats and socialists” in disguise. (Radosh makes a similar case here.)

On the issue of whether No Labels is dominated by Democrats, I find it revealing that David Frum actually affirms it. Frum seems to think he’s helping to pull erstwhile Democrats toward the center. From the perspective of Mirengoff and Radosh, however, Frum is merely providing cover to the latest twist in the left’s ongoing game of false advertising.


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