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And I’m not talking about “the NR family” (kind of a chunk-blowing phrase) — I’m talking family-family. My sister, Heather, is a successful politician: a member of the school board in her Long Island town. Here in Oslo, I woke up to the news this morning that she had won reelection, handily. Her husband, Andrew, said, “See, it’s not an anti-incumbent year for everybody!” As I recall, my sister voted for Jesse Jackson in the 1984 California presidential primary. She is much, much more sensible now. I’d vote for her my own bad self. And I have the reputation of a conservative . . .

Meanwhile, I have written — or started — a little Portugal journal, on the homepage now (here). These are notes taken from a recent NR cruise: a cruise with the NR family, I say with great respect and appreciation (really!).

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