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“Fannel Hall”

From Poppa G:

First order of business for Bush should be changing the spelling of Faneuil Hall to Fannell Hall. As it stands now, the only American who can pronounce it as it originally was intended is the losing candidate, the French-speaking John Kerry. This would be followed, in the course of Bush’s new term, by the substitution of K for Q in all those Arab names (Qadaffi to Kadaffi, the Qaaba to the Kaaba)) and the the elimination of the double A in the Middle east (Baath becomes Bath). Part of the confusion in Middle East politics is our inability to pronounce the names of people and places, which is why sometimes civilians are inadvertently killed. It is the same problem that keeps black Africa divided. How can you get on the phone in the Congo and say I want to speak with Mr. Bmdgrasa? How many times a day must the question be asked Would you spell that, please?, before giving up? We’ll get to the Chinese names at some later date. (I’m assuming that Faneuil was a French name, but I could be wrong and it was a Gaelic name, in which case I say, “Whatever.”)


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