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Fannie Mae v. Enron

With the exception of Byron York, I don’t know anyone who’s ever really touched on this, but it could use more volume anyway. I am still at a loss as to why Bush should have been criticized much at all for Enron’s collapse, and yet that media firestorm consumed months of chatter in Washington. Meanwhile Fannie Mae really does have deep and abiding ties to

&oref=slogin”>Democrats, particularly the Clintonites (though there are Republicans in the mix as well). And Fannie Mae is just a much, much bigger deal than Enron ever was. But somehow nothing like the outrage over influence peddling has been in evidence.

I’m not arguing primarily that all of this should be used to flay Democrats, though McCain’s team would be idiotic not to seize this issue. But it does show how scandals in Washington have so much less to do with the substance and so much more to do with collecting scalps, usually Republican ones.  


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