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The national Canadian Human Rights Commission has dropped the complaint against Mark Steyn and Maclean’s magazine

The complaint that was heard in the B.C. Human Rights Commission is still pending, however, so they’re not out of the woods yet. There’s also the very real problem that these commissions might sidestep penalizing Steyn and Maclean’s out of self-preservation. They know that in going after high profile targets they’ve bitten off more than they can chew — any action against them would likely stir political action to do away with the commisions altogether. If they drop the complaint against Steyn, the political pressure will simply go away and they’re free to continue zealously violating the rights of lesser known individuals and organizations.

Well, whether or not Steyn and Maclean’s have their complaints dropped, the tyranny of these bureaucratic star chambers needs to end. And the sooner the better. As Ezra Levant likes to say: Fire. Them. All. 


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