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Two noteworthy men have crossed the bar.

Jeff Bell worked at NR before my time. But I met him in 1978 when I covered his challenge of incumbent New Jersey senator Clifford Case in the Republican primary. Case was a liberal Republican, when there still were such. Jeff was alight with the fire of supply-side economics (there were stacks of Jude Wanniski’s The Way the World Works in his campaign HQ, like hymnals). Jeff beat Case, then lost to Democratic newcomer Bill Bradley. Jeff could wear you out, but he was intelligent and passionate.

Also gone is Milt Rosenberg, a professor at the University of Chicago and for many years host of “Extension 720” on radio station WGN. Milt’s show was simply the best radio interview show going. His time slot was two hours: a Proustian time span. He was smart, articulate, and knew your book (if that’s what you were on for) as well as you did. During commercial breaks he would tell stories about famous guests, who were legion. Gore Vidal asked him insistently, where in Chicago did one go for “intelligent conversation” (i.e., sex)? Milt won the National Humanities Medal in 2008.



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