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Farewell to Ronald Reagan

It was, as the English say, a lovely funeral. The British, in fact, used to

boast that they did this kind of thing — pomp and circumstance — better

than anyone. I don’t see how that boast can any longer be maintained. This

was done as well as it possibly could have been.

Lots of little touches of class. My favorite: Laura Bush, coming down the

main aisle into the cathedral, reached out to pat Tony Blair on the

shoulder, without pausing or breaking stride. Considering she was coming at

him from behind, this was very skillfully and thoughtfully done.

Best speech: Margaret Thatcher, easily. “With the lever of patriotism, he

lifted up the world.” Deft, unobtrusive quotations from “Pilgrim’s

Progress,” “Abide With Me,” and others I did not note. For all her own

misfortunes, the lady still has it.

Mulroney also very good. I didn’t know he was such a fine speaker. Any

chance we can get him back in power in the Friendly Giant to the North?

The military details were impressive and impeccable. Great drill work.

Altogether a fine, moving, and apt service, to see off a great man. Let’s

offer our thanks to all the people — military, civilian, and clerical –

who must have put in so many hours to make this ceremony possible. And

thank the Lord for giving us a wonderful President.


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