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Today is my last day at National Review. It’s an incredibly bittersweet moment. While I’ve only worked full-time since May, 2015, I’ve contributed posts and pieces for over fifteen years. NR was the first national platform to publish my work, and now — thousands of posts and more than a million words later — I say goodbye. On Monday, I’ll join my good friends Jonah Goldberg and Stephen Hayes at The Dispatch, their new media venture. In true writerly fashion, I sign off even as I’m behind on a print deadline. I’m reviewing James Verini’s excellent new book on the Battle of Mosul. (Don’t worry, Katherine, it’s coming!)

It’s hard to overstate my affection and respect for NR as an institution and for my colleagues as individuals. I’m thankful that Rich gave a recovering lawyer the chance to try a new profession, I’m grateful for Charlie’s sage leadership online (where the vast bulk of my work appears), and I’ve learned from colleagues who consistently demonstrate how men and women can write and speak honestly and thoughtfully in challenging and contentious times.

Last, but certainly not least, I’m grateful to our readers and subscribers. You make our work possible, and I appreciate that you read and respond. I can’t count the number of comments and conversations that have made me think and exposed me to new stories and new ideas. NR has been an indispensable conservative institution for more than 60 years. It’s been one of the great honors of my life to play a very small part in its continuing and vital intellectual, ideological, and spiritual mission. Thank you.

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