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Fargo Sarah

Much of Palin’s appeal and much of why she apparently grates on others is her accent, colloquialisms, grammar, seeming simplicity, and mannerisms–which are a lot like the wily, sing-songy voiced hero of Fargo,  Marge Gunderson. In her methodical, seemingly plodding way, the pregnant Marge systematically figures out the complex criminal labyrinth, and then in courageous fashion wades into the thicket unaware perhaps of the danger from the supposedly more clever involved, but confident that what has worked for her in the past and gotten her this far will see her through just fine as usual. 

Fair or not, Palin is the emblem of underestimated Middle Americans wading in over their heads, not changing with the times, and in the end finishing the job and outsmarting the rest. Six-term Senator, Chairman of the Foreign Relations Committee Joe Biden, once fervent supporter of an Iraqi war (dating back to the Clinton years), once fervent opponent of the war, once fervent advocate of trisecting Iraq, once fervent critic of Obama on Iraq, once fervent surge won’t//will work, once fervent everything…, apparently didn’t see Fargo.


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