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I’m not going to post all of these emails. But i find this one really intriguing because of its larger significance:

I am constantly amazed by the views of a conservative mind. I was an Eisenhower Republican when I was young, but the party moved so far to the right after that, at ever increasing speeds, that I am proud to call myself a Democrat now. The Democratic Party moved to the center and replaced the Republican Party’s concern for civil rights, the middle class, and sensible economic policies. A conservative, it seems to me, is homophobic in that they see evil in essentially all peoples that they disagree with. How sorrowful to have to live like that.

The first two thirds is boilerplate. But then this guys says that conservatives are “homophobic” because they see evil in essentially all peoples that they disagree with.”

Again I say: Fascinating! Already, Fascism means anything undesirable, McCarthyism means anything mean and, now, homophobia means hatred of people who disagree with you. You would think that even this guy would understand that we still need words for people who don’t like homosexuals. I confess that I don’t like the word homophobia because I think fear is not necessarily the best explanation for anti-gay views. But we’re stuck with it.

But here we have someone who believes, in all honesty, that hatred of active, dues paying, spying, Stalinists can best be described as “homophobia.” This is the sort of slippery thinking that will give you road rash on your butt if you don’t watch out. Are environmentalists homophobes because they hate oil men? Are vegans homophobes because they hate meat-eaters? Are gays homophobes if they hate Christian fundamentalists? By this logic I guess my dog is a homophobe because he loathes squirrels so. Then again, you know what people say about squirrels…


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